Did You Know

Businesses are bleeding money because of bad data and bad systems.


73% of consultants admit to submitting timesheets that don't represent actual work preformed!

Wasted Time

Consultants indicate that they spend 3-5 hours each week managing their timesheets - time they could be spending on billable work!


Service Operations teams spend as much as 4 - 8 hours each week chasing consultants and approvers to get timesheets in on time!

Sophity Business Insights automates collection of critical data and uses data science to predict future business performance

We help you drive business results

First, we help you stop the bleeding. Then we help you understand what drives business success.

According to a study by London Business School, 30% of all billable work is never captured.

The following stats are based on a 40 hour work week and 48 weeks of work in a year, billing $230/hour just on untracked emails, phone calls and meetings – per consultant.

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Hours Leaked Weeky


Hourly Rate


Dollars Lost Weekly


Dollars Lost Yearly

How it Works

Standard and Custom Integrations Automatically learn what your team is doing throughout the day

Analysis of your data data uncovers the secrets of success for your business

Analysis of your data + competitive data provides insights that drive business improvement